To pick up your souvenir items or to purchase a souvenir using cash, debit or credit, please come to the Service Brampton located on the 1st floor in City Hall. If you need further information or instructions, please email or call 311

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Men's Half-Zip FleeceBaseball Cap with Ball Marker
Regular Price: $9.95
On Sale For: $4.98 
Christmas OrnamentChristmas Ornament
Regular Price: $5.22
On Sale For: $2.61 
Crystal VaseCrystal Vase
Regular Price: $22.25
On Sale For: $11.13 
Pen EliteElite Pen
Regular Price: $3.10
On Sale For: $1.55 
Folding Chair with Carry BagFolding Chair with Carry Bag
Regular Price: $18.49
On Sale For: $9.25 
Identity Theft Guard SleeveIdentity Theft Guard Sleeve
Regular Price: $0.79
On Sale For: $0.40 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceLadies Full-Zip Fleece
Regular Price: $32.49
On Sale For: $16.25 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceLadies Full-Zip Fleece (D)
Regular Price: $28.90
On Sale For: $14.45 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceLadies Golf Shirt - Grape and White
Regular Price: $16.95
On Sale For: $8.48 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceLadies Golf Shirt - Pink
Regular Price: $20.49
On Sale For: $10.25 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceLadies Visor - Wide Rim
Regular Price: $17.49
On Sale For: $8.75 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceLadies Visor with Ball Marker
Regular Price: $8.25
On Sale For: $4.13 
Regular Price: $1.79
On Sale For: $0.90 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceMen's Golf Shirt - Medium
Regular Price: $25.95
On Sale For: $12.97 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceMen's Golf Shirt -Large and Extra Large
Regular Price: $29.95
On Sale For: $14.98 
Men's Half-Zip FleeceMen's Half-Zip Fleece
Regular Price: $27.95
On Sale For: $13.98 
Velocity USB Flash DriveUSB Flash Drive
Regular Price: $5.25
On Sale For: $2.63 
City of Brampton FlagCity of Brampton Flag
Price: $45.14 
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